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Python Fundamentals
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Developed by Dr. Rebecca Barter
Python is the hot ticket right now across all data-driven industries. Whether you're in finance, biotech, marketing, or tech, Python skills can propel your career forward. The sooner you dive in, the sooner you can start leveraging these skills to boost your career.
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5 Skills Developed
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Is this course for you?

You need a job portfolio that screams "I know Python Data Analysis!"
You're aiming to implement data analysis in your current role or switch to a data-driven job in any industry.
You want real-world experience to make your job applications shine.

Supported Job Roles

Get ready to excel in these roles after taking this program

  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Analytics Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • ...and more
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5 interactive learning sessions
5 skill development experiences
Hand-on projects to apply learnings
Project visibility to hiring managers
Lifetime access to course materials
Real feedback from moderators
Insights into your skill gaps
Portfolio artifacts to keep forever
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About this course

Grasp Python Basics

Begin at square one with Python, where we demystify coding and set you up with the fundamental skills for data analysis. You'll learn to write your first lines of code, understand Python syntax, and start thinking like a data analyst.

Data Manipulation with Pandas

Pandas is Python's powerhouse for data manipulation. You'll learn to wrangle, clean, and transform data, preparing it for deeper analysis and insights.

Visual Storytelling with Seaborn

Data isn’t just numbers; it’s stories waiting to be told. Seaborn helps you tell these stories visually, making complex insights accessible and compelling through beautiful, informative plots.

Master Lists for Structured Data

Lists in Python are your secret weapon for organizing data. We break it down, showing you how to manage, manipulate, and make the most out of lists.

Create with Custom Functions

See yourself automating the mundane, spending more time on what matters—innovation and discovery in your field.

Navigate VS Code and Jupyter Notebooks

Get hands-on with the tools of the trade. VS Code and Jupyter Notebooks become your laboratories for experimentation, where you'll run your Python scripts, analyze data, and share your findings.

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About the Course Developer

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Dr. Rebecca Barter

Dr. Barter is a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Utah. She is a programmer, data scientist, and statistician with over a decade of experience practicing and teaching data science. She is the co-author of the book “Veridical Data Science: The Practice of Responsible Data Analysis and Decision Making” ( and the author of a popular data science blog (

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