Lighting the path for the New Traditional Learner

Whether you’re advancing your current role, transitioning careers, or pursuing lifelong learning, Headlamp closes the gap between traditional education and modern career readiness for today’s learners.

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Closing the Gap

By focusing on essential skills, Headlamp is a collaborative ecosystem where education meets real-world demands, equipping individuals for successful careers.

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Get insights from industry professionals on workforce demands to develop the content your students need to stay ahead of the curve.

    • SME Interviews at your fingertips

      Using Headlamp’s unique AI, interviewing Subject Matter Experts has never been easier.

    • Industry-Aligned Collaboration

      Collaborate with industry partners on the skills they need, what proficiency looks like, and how they’d like to see them demonstrated.

    • Skill-based learning experience

      Headlamp’s next-gen, competency-based LMS empowers you with tools and techniques from the latest in learning science that lets you focus on teaching proficiency.

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How Headlamp Works
    Master a most-wanted skill
    Dive into a skill that’s at the top of every Employer’s list. Headlamp makes learning easy with interactive modules and 100% human-support.
    Build a portfolio
    Stand out by documenting your journey through any program. We’ll help you craft a portfolio alongside our expert instructors.
    Get matched with Employers
    Headlamp showcases your portfolio to eager Employers, making entry into the job market as smooth as possible.

Headlamp - Skills that Grow

Our platform guides you to learn in-demand skills and how to build your portfolio effectively.

Whether you're an individual looking to stand out, an educator seeking industry-aligned collaboration, or an employer aiming to streamline skills-based initiatives, Headlamp connects you with meaningful opportunities to grow and succeed.

New Traditional Learner

Simple pricing, for everyone.

Get the basics to start your career change for free. When you're ready to get in front of employers, upgrade to Premium for a tailored experience.


Everyone gets the tools to explore what's next, how to get the necessary skills, and start building a portfolio.


  • Career Explorer
  • Skills Self-Evaluation
  • Educational Marketplace
  • Professional Portfolio
  • Manually Share Your Portfolio
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Start getting your portfolio in front of hiring managers looking for candidates with your new skills.

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  • Everything in Basic
  • Job-Specific Portfolio Templates & Suggestions
  • Broadcast Your Portfolio to Relevant Hiring Managers
  • Portfolio Feedback from Industry Experts
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Frequently asked questions

If you can't find what you're looking for, let us know.

    • Which schools does Headlamp work with?

      Headlamp partners with learning instutions around the world. Our only requirement is that they are committed to helping prepare you for your next career.

    • Can I really get all of those things for free?

      Absolutely! We want to make sure you have the tools you need to land your next job. Many people who use Headlamp find that getting portfolio feedback from employers helps them hone their skills and they value getting introduced to employers looking for people just like them. But it isn't required. People still land great jobs on the free plan.

    • What if I don't want my portfolio broadcast?

      No worries! We only start sharing your portfolio with prospective employers once you are ready and give us the green light.

    • Do you sell my data?

      Never! Your data is your data. We only share it when you ask us to start getting feedback from prospective employers. Even then, it's anonymized until they decide they want to interview you.

    • Can I add things to my portfolio even if they weren't made in one of the programs offered on Headlamp?

      Of course! Our goal is simple, get you any skills you need to get the job you want and help you show off ALL the skills you need for that job. Whether it comes from one of the awesome programs on Headlamp, a side project, or prior work experience, if it better shows off how awesome you are, put it in!

    • Headlamp says I need a skill, but I don't agree. What can I do?

      Headlamp gets its data about which skills are needed for a particular job by constantly processing millions of job descriptions and parsing out which skills employers are asking for. We think it's pretty good (and so do our partner employers), but these are only suggestions. Review them, fill in the skills you think you need and we'll still help you by trying to find employers looking for your skillset.

    • Do I have to finish my educational program before interviewing for jobs?

      Nope! As soon as you think you're ready (and Headlamp will prompt you when we think you're ready) to start floating your portfolio, you should. The feedback really helps people understand how close they are. Many people get interviews and job offers before their program is complete. We think continued education is awesome, though, so encourage you to finish and keep adding more skills, but that shouldn't hold you back fom getting the job you want. In fact, we'll help you negotiate with your new employer to have them cover your future educational costs.

    • Does Headlamp offer an annual plan?

      Not yet. Most of our users find their next job a lot faster than that. It's great to continue learning and keep your portfolio up to date, but you can do that on the free plan. ;)

    • Will Headlamp help me grow into ANY job?

      We want to help everyone get the job they want and deserve. We're starting by addressing the most in-demand jobs and are adding new careers all the time. If your desired career path isn't available yet, drop us a note.