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Esports Business Development and Revenue Strategies

Building Bridges in the Esports Industry


Dive into the fast-paced world of esports with this targeted course, designed to equip you with critical skills in business development and revenue generation.

Focused on the art of securing sponsorships and forging impactful partnerships, this course offers practical insights into identifying and attracting key sponsors, understanding their needs, and crafting compelling pitches that resonate.

  • Introducing Headlamp & Netiquette

    • Self-paced, Online
    • Skill Acquired: Online Communication
  • Sponsorships & Partnerships

    • Self-paced, Online
    • Skill Acquired: Sponsorship and Partnership
  • Building Strategy Overview

    • Self-paced, Online
    • Skill Acquired: Understanding of sponsorship strategies
  • Making Connections & Developing an Effective Pitch

    • Self-paced, Online
    • Skill Acquired: Presentation and pitching skills
  • Your Sponsorship Pitch

    • Self-paced, Online
    • Skill Acquired: Pitching
  • In collaboration with

    Program Details

    • Open Enrollment
    • 5 Skills Developed
    • Online, Self-Paced

    Portfolio Skills

    These are just some of the exciting skills you will develop through the experience.

    • Online Communication
    • Sponsorship and Partnership
    • Understanding of sponsorship strategies
    • ... and more