Esports Business Management Certificate

Press start on your career in Esports Management


The esports industry is taking off around the world, and this rapidly growing industry offers enormous potential for individuals with the right skills.

The SMU Esports Business Management Certificate program gives you a comprehensive understanding of the esports industry, and you will learn the nuances of revenue streams, sponsorships and fan engagement. Build the skills to initiate, plan, and execute live esports events.

With curriculum in sports management and business topics, coursework is academically rigorous and industry-driven. You will learn from professionals working at the forefront of the business of competitive multiplayer gaming; through SMU's regional and international industry partnerships, you will access some of the best and brightest leaders in every aspect of esports.

What you'll learn:

  • Esports ecosystem and business models
  • Business development and revenue strategies
  • Content and community engagement
  • Fan engagement and sponsorship activation
  • Tournament design and management
  • Esports team organization, management, and recruitment
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Program Details

  • Starts Early 2024
  • 26 Skills Developed
  • Online, Self-Paced

Portfolio Skills

These are just some of the exciting skills you will develop through the experience.

  • Professional Online Communication
  • Esports Business Development
  • Esports Content Creation
  • Business Strategy
  • IP Compliance