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Esports Team Organization, Management and Recruitment

Organize, Recruit, and Manage Winning Esports Teams


Unlock the secrets to building and managing elite esports teams with our comprehensive course on organization, recruitment, and strategic management.

Dive into the roles and organizational structures of professional esports teams, and learn how to tackle common challenges such as managing geographically-dispersed teams and working with influencers. Through applied learning concepts, you’ll gain hands-on experience in organizing, recruiting, and managing your own esports team. Whether you’re looking to understand the overview of organization, recruitment, and management or seeking to apply these concepts practically, this course equips you with the essential skills to succeed in the dynamic world of esports.

  • Introducing Headlamp & Netiquette

    • Self-paced, Online
    • Skill Acquired: Online Communication
  • Overview of Organization and Management of Esports Teams

    • Self-paced, Online
    • Skill Acquired: Contract Negotiation
  • Organizing and Recruiting an Esports Team

    • Self-paced, Online
    • Skill Acquired: Team Management
  • Managing an Esports Team

    • Self-paced, Online
    • Skill Acquired: Leadership
  • Esports Team Standing

    • Self-paced, Online
    • Skill Acquired: Performance Monitoring
  • In collaboration with

    Program Details

    • Open Enrollment
    • 5 Skills Developed
    • Online, Self-Paced

    Portfolio Skills

    These are just some of the exciting skills you will develop through the experience.

    • Online Communication
    • Contract Negotiation
    • Team Management
    • ... and more