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Esports Content and Community Engagement

Connect, Create, Compete.


Enter this dynamic program designed to empower enthusiasts to create compelling content and foster vibrant communities within the esports ecosystem.

Participants will gain a comprehensive skill set designed to meet the dynamic needs of the esports industry. This includes mastering the art of developing and implementing successful content strategies to captivate and expand audiences. They will enhance their storytelling abilities, essential for engaging fans and enriching esports content with depth. Additionally, they will acquire vital live-streaming competencies, such as the production and management of live content, crucial for sustaining real-time engagement within the esports community.

  • Introducing Headlamp & Netiquette

    • Self-paced, Online
    • Skill Acquired: Online Communication
  • Content Strategy & Development

    • Self-paced, Online
    • Skill Acquired: Content Strategy
  • Multimedia Production

    • Self-paced, Online
    • Skill Acquired: Multimedia Production
  • Writing and Storytelling in Esports

    • Self-paced, Online
    • Skill Acquired: Storytelling
  • Live-Streaming

    • Self-paced, Online
    • Skill Acquired: Live Streaming
  • In collaboration with

    Program Details

    • Open Enrollment
    • 5 Skills Developed
    • Online, Self-Paced

    Portfolio Skills

    These are just some of the exciting skills you will develop through the experience.

    • Online Communication
    • Content Strategy
    • Multimedia Production
    • ... and more