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Esports Fan Engagement and Sponsorship Activation

Game, Team, and Platform Diversity


Step into the dynamic world of esports with our comprehensive course where you'll unlock the keys to captivating audiences, fostering community, and maximizing brand impact in the rapidly evolving realm of competitive gaming.

This course offers a dynamic curriculum comprising topics on gamification, community and brand building, influencer marketing, and esports event creation. Participants gain comprehensive insights into leveraging gamification strategies to enhance fan interaction, fostering vibrant communities, and strengthening brand identity within the esports ecosystem. Through targeted skill development on influencer marketing and the creation of compelling esports events, attendees learn to optimize sponsorship activation strategies, driving impactful engagement and fostering long-term partnerships within the thriving esports industry.

  • Introducing Headlamp & Netiquette

    • Self-paced, Online
    • Skill Acquired: Online Communication
  • Gamification

    • Self-paced, Online
    • Skill Acquired: Gamification
  • Community & Brand Activation

    In this module, we will be looking for our target audience. We will look at several case studies as well as analyze what will make an experience at an esports and/or gaming event memorable. By understanding who our audience is, we're ready to increase our fanbase and create a lasting memory for gamers and non-gamers alike.

    • Self-paced, Online
    • Skill Acquired: Brand Activation
  • Influencer Marketing & Data Analytics

    In this SDE, we will look at what it takes to be an influencer and the parameters for an influencer marketing campaign. Campaign analysis will enable us to parse what was successful about the campaign and what needs improvement. By reaching the target audience in a unique way with the gamers we enjoy watching, we're more encouraged to follow through, whether that is buying a new game or trying out a new product. The data completed from the campaign hold values to the feedback and next steps to creating something greater than before.

    • Self-paced, Online
    • Skill Acquired: Marketing Analytics
  • Esports Event Creation

    In this SDE, you'll build upon the last few weeks of instruction into building a memorable gaming and/or esports event. Understanding how to motivate your audience with gamified concepts will ensure for a fun time, and it is up to you to combine the essentials with creativity. Game on!

    • Self-paced, Online
    • Skill Acquired: Esports Event Design
  • In collaboration with

    Program Details

    • Open Enrollment
    • 5 Skills Developed
    • Online, Self-Paced

    Portfolio Skills

    These are just some of the exciting skills you will develop through the experience.

    • Online Communication
    • Gamification
    • Brand Activation
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